The Hives - Main Offender

28.05.2020 Kagall DEFAULT 6

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  1. Administer a Main Offender blindfold test to a pop scholar and chances are they'll mistake the Hives for a garage band submerged in New York City's Lower East Side or suburban Detroit. In actuality, the Hives are a natty Swedish outfit that have mastered every noisy nuance of punk rock -- that is attitude, cheap guitar licks, more attitude, a 6/
  2. The Hives "Main Offender": I'm on my way. Can't settle down. I'm stuck in ways of being an ass and I got a lot of nerve that I.
  3. Jun 17,  · The Hives - Main Offender My second 'product'. I'm not sure if it's at this height or if it should be played lower, it looked like this in the live vid. just use some nice distortion and it'/5(5).
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